Tomahawk Steak with Black Label Musket Powder

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Musket Powder Black Label,as needed

Tomahawk Ribeye


5 Egg Yolk 

1 Cup Clarified Butter

1 Tbsp Lemon

1 Tsp Hot Sauce

Cherry Tomatoes, on the vine

  1. Char the tomatoes. Cover cherry tomatoes in salt and olive oil and put under the broiler until they burst.
  2. Hollandaise -Heat the clarified butter until roughly 200F and set aside Add Egg Yolk, lemon, and hot sauce into a bowl and whisk until doubled in size. Start slowly streaming in clarified butter that has been heated. Do this very slowly as the heat from the oil will begin to temper the eggs and if you add too much at once you are at risk of cooking the yolks, as well as you will break the emulsification if you go too fast. Once you have added all of the butter the sauce should be thick and glossy. Season to taste one last time and adjust salt and lemon as needed. Transfer to a container that can be kept in a WARM - NOT HOT water bath to avoid the sauce breaking. If the water gets too hot the sauce will become scrambled eggs, if its too cool it will break. I would make this sauce during the steaks rest period to avoid these issues. Yes, hollandaise is traditionally done in a bain marie, and that method is totally acceptable as well, but the method described here works just as well if executed properly. 
  3. Prepare and cook the tomahawk.Cover tomahawk completely in Musket Powder Black Label seasoning.
  4. Preheat oven to 225°F. On a baking sheet with a roasting tray, add the tomahawk with a temperature probe.
  5. Remove the tomahawk from the oven when the temperature hits 120°F for medium rare and rest for at least 30 Minutes.
  6. Transfer back into the oven under the broiler on both sides until a nice crust has formed.
  7. Carve the tomahawk, cover in hollandaise, flakey salt, add charred tomatoes to the plate and serve.

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