Smoked Brisket with Brown Label Musket Powder

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Musket Powder Brown Label

  1. Clean the brisket by cutting off excess fat and trimming it into a slightly aerodynamic shape by rounding the end of the flat off a bit. 
  2. Oil lightly and cover completely with Musket Powder Brown Label Seasoning
  3. Prepare your smoker by getting a solid bed of embers going and maintaining a temperature of the smoker between 225ºF
  4. We recommend adding a water pan into the smoker at this point as well.
  5. Place the brisket with the point facing the fire box and the flat as close to the wall as possible in order to protect the thinner meat and encourage an even cook. 
  6. Smoke initially for 6 hours or until the internal temp reaches 165ºF or until the bark has set. At this point its time to remove the brisket and let rest for about 5 minutes while you wrap in pink butchers paper. We recommend pouring some extra tallow over the brisket at this point as well. 
  7. Return to the smoker until internal temp reaches 190ºF
  8. Let rest wrapped in a blanket or towel in an igloo cooler for 3-4 hours. 
  9. Enjoy! Or transfer to the fridge to enjoy another day! 

To reheatthe whole brisket the next day after it has been chilled - set oven to 225ºF and place on the middle rack with some optional knobs of butter and let cook for 75 minutes. Because it has been previously rested it is ready to be eaten as soon as you take it out! 

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