Biscuits and Gravy like you've never had

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Im not going to tell you a really dumb story about this meal like every other food blogger in the world. I will say that it is third Generation and its absolutely incredible.

Wards Biscuits and Gravy – 3rd generation family recipe

2lbs of ground venison (or jimmy dean sausage)

1 quart half & half

2-4 tablespoon cornstarch

Musket Powder (black or red label) to taste

Large Biscuits

1 large white onion diced

1 large jalapeno diced

1 tomato diced

1 egg scrambled

 (one time I put a fried egg on top and it was incredible, optional)

Brown onions and jalapeno in a pot

Add sausage to it, brown sausage and drain grease

In a different bowl or glass measuring cup, whisk cornstarch in about a ½ cup of the half and half.

Pour mixture into the meat and stir over medium heat until it thickens.     

Brush biscuits with egg before putting into oven

Add the rest of the half and half to meat and keep stirring until it thickens. (About 10 minutes, give or take). Serve on baked biscuits split in half, top with a fresh diced tomato and musket powder on top

* You can add a little more meat if you want, chopped bacon and diced up game sausage nickels works great.