Smoked Chicken thighs (you'll never do it any other way)

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The Best Chicken Thighs You’ve Every Had

You Will Need:

An Aluminium tray

Enough Chicken thighs to pack it in there tight ( 8 -10)

  • It takes me two of the chicken thigh packs from Costco to pack it tight

Musket Powder Black or Red Label (red for spicy)


Chicken Broth

Your favorite BBQ sauce 

Smoker set at 275 at indirect heat with your favorite flavor wood chips (I like pecan or mesquite)


Put pan in heated smoker along with a half stick of butter. Once the better melts, add a ½ cup of chicken broth (beer works well too). Make sure the butter doesn’t burn. Place thighs in SKIN SIDE DOWN, pack them into the tray tight. Smoke on indirect heat at 275 F for an hour and a half. Open lip, season the chicken well with musket powder. Flip all the thighs skin side up, season with musket powder. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Open lid and brush your favorite sauce on. Close lid and cook for 5 minutes. Cover with foil and let rest until time to eat, don’t let it cool down though. Timing is everything. 

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