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Surprise Marinade - Chicken Fried Duck

Chicken Fried Duck Every single breast can make four small thin steaks. I like to cut the Breast in half and have fou...

Canned Black Beans

Ingredients: 5 lb bag of black beans Whole garlic cloves Pork (honey baked ham, bacon, pork belly, left over pork cho...

Homemade Bacon cured with Musket Powder

**insert really long and dumb story about my life and homemade bacon here** okay, now how to make it! I do have quite...

Biscuits and Gravy like you've never had

Im not going to tell you a really dumb story about this meal like every other food blogger in the world. I will say t...

Smoked Chicken thighs (you'll never do it any other way)

The Best Chicken Thighs You’ve Every Had You Will Need: An Aluminium tray Enough Chicken thighs to pack it in there t...

The. Best. Queso. Dip. Ever.

The best queso dip, ever.   ½ lb block of sharp cheddar cheese, shred with a cheese grader, 2.5-3 cups 1 tablespoon o...

Biltong (South African Jerky)

You will need: Beef Roast (venison and waterfowl work great too) ¾ cup red wine vinegar 1 teaspoon baking soda  ¼ cup...

Venison Barbacoa

Venison barbacoa (pics at bottom of post)   1 pack of cow cheeks (most come two per package) 2 whitetail tenderloins ...
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