Venison Barbacoa

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Venison barbacoa (pics at bottom of post)


1 pack of cow cheeks (most come two per package)

2 whitetail tenderloins or 2-3 lbs of roast

1 charred white onion

6 charred garlic cloves

2 handfuls of cilantro (one handful finely chopped for serving)

1 jalapeno, charred optional (finely diced for serving)

Musket Powder Seasoning 

1 cup Dark stock preferred, poultry stock and water will also work

1 uncharred white onion (finely diced for serving)

1 pack of Sazon Goya seasoning (See link)

2 limes

Spray your cast iron skillet with a very thin layer of oil and get it smoking hot. Place your onion and garlic (leave the skin/paper on) on the skillet and continue to roll around until the outside paper layer gets good and charred, this may take a little bit. Once charred, remove paper, cut into quarters and place to the side. Clean out your crock pot from any old dust that it accumulated over the summer. Place the cow cheeks and tenderloins in it and season well with Musket Powder ( Place your charred goods around and one handful of cilantro, on top and in between all the meats. Pour stock, sprinkle sazon goya over everything (click here), and cover. 

Cook on low for 8 hours. Drain into a strainer, set liquid aside. Pour meat back into pot and shred, add liquid if necessary, serve with a slotted spoon with tortillas (corn is more authentic in my opinion, better tasting and the lesser of two evils for caloric intake).  Garnish with onions, cilantro and jalapenos. Be sure to invite friends over. Vac seal left overs and freeze. Left overs are awesome in everything: chili, nachos, scrambled eggs, etc.

If you are cooking in a sous vide, chop up the meat into large pieces, layer the vac seal bag with vegetables and meat. Place in water bath at 185 for 24 hours

Side note, my wife doesn’t like the moist texture of it, I scooped it up with a slotted spoon and put it on a separate plate covered with paper towels, I then mash down on the meat the spoon, squeezing out all the liquid, and serve.

Also popular for garnish – Pickled charred purple onions, fresh cut radishes

*Note – you don’t have to char the vegetables, just adds some awesome flavor for some extra time

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