Duck sausage

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All photos are by our dear friend Justin Holt. Go check out his Instagram page, its incredible @holtworks.

Like you, I don't want to hear a food blog authors 15 paragraph story about the food featured, so I will be brief. This works with all waterfowl (goose, crane, duck) and is perfect when you need a change in your wild game line up. It is imperative that you use pork belly (Costco always has pork belly) with the pork shoulder. Check out the recipe for how to cure your own bacon, or make burnt ends (these are amazing) with the left over pork belly that you are going to have  (bacon, burnt ends)

Yields 25 lbs sausage 


12.5 lbs waterfowl breast (Ive made this with mallards, would suggest)

6.25 lbs of pork shoulder

6.25 lbs or pork belly

1 bottle of Musket Powder Red 

1 cup Musket Powder Black

1 cup Musket Powder White

2 cups juniper berries

Hog casings, soaked in warm water, if you chose to not make breakfast patties. (I've never had luck with amazon sausage casings, I go to my local butcher and buy them from him, they are usually free).

For those of you who know how to make sausage, you are free to go. 

This is the way I do it, there are many ways to skin this cat, if you do it

differently or if i am doing it wrong, please leave a comment. Happy to hear from all of you. I strongly recommend that you do further research from this post on YouTube on how to grind and stuff sausage. 



Put all non meat ingredients in a bowl, mix very well and set aside.

Cube up pork shoulder, belly and fowl meat, place in a large bowl and mix up well. After mixing well, season a layer of the meat and mix up. Repeat until your seasoning ingredients are all used up. Cover and refrigerate (overnight is the best way). 

Set up your meat grinder with the coarse grinder face. Grind up the cold meat, mixing the meat up as it falls into the bowl. Mix the meat up until your hands are so cold that they don't work anymore. Warm your hands up under warm water and keep mixing. 

Put mixed and ground meat in the freezer for thirty minutes. I then run the meat through the grinder again on the coarse, some people like the fine, its preference. 

At this point you either form into patties or stuff in a hog casing. 

duck sausage patty


Please comment below if you would like to weigh in!