Bourbon Molasses Glazed Pork Chop with Brown Label Musket Powder

  • 1 min read

1” Pork Chop

Popcorn or Sorghum





Apple Cider Vinegar

Musket Powder Brown Label

Honey (optional) 

Salt (To taste)

    1. Make the glaze. Flambe Bourbon until alcohol has cooked out. 
    2. Add apple cider vinegar, molasses, and Musket Powder Brown Label seasoning. 
    3. Reduce to the correct consistency and set aside, be careful to not let the sugar burn
    4. Season to taste adding either salt or honey as needed. Be careful tasting glazes as the sugar content is going to hold on to that heat! Let cool for an appropriate time 
To cook the pork:
  1. Season each side with salt. You can also use musket powder seasoning here if you want to double down
  2. Get a hot pan and add some lard, iff your pork chop has a nice fat cap sear it first in order to render the fat down 
  3. Next sear the pork on all sides, pull at 140°F and let rest for 10 minutes. This will increase the temp to 150ºF internal. If you would like to cook it more than that you are welcome to, but we prefer the texture of medium. 
  4. Once rested, brush with molasses glaze and plate. We like adding some popped sorghum and sorrel to garnish. 

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