Musket Powder is a seasoning that is totally different from everything on the market, which is why it has exploded in popularity. We make a seasoning that works on literally everything. Our products are used on all meats, all sides and a lot of drinks. Our branding is patriotic and pro American, which seems to be fading before our eyes. After awhile, all seasonings start to taste the same, which is not the case here at all. 
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""if you don't want to make your own. I highly recommend a dry rub called Musket Powder"
7 Rules for the Greatest Venison Backstrap of Your Life
Field and Stream - January 29, 2020
"Place cup rim in Musket Powder - if you must, you can substitute with spicy rubs made for peasants"
Ranch Water: Tequila's easiest badass recipe
Field Ethos Journal - March 04, 2020
Ward B Hegeler
Loves to hunt and cook but terrible at both.
Musket Powder Seasonings
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""You make a helluva sesasoning""
NYT best seller Kevin Lacz @realkevinlacz
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